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Freshdeals Supermarket

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Sta Mesa, Manila 

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Grocery / Fresh Produce


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FD Supermarket - Sampaloc Manila

Your Freshdeals PH

Freshdeals Supermarket, previously known as Freshdeals PH, is your one-stop shop for fresh, sustainable produce and a variety of other cooking supplies.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Everyday

Freshdeals Supermarket is dedicated to providing its customers with fresh and high-quality produce sourced from local farmers across the Philippines.  Experienced staff carefully sorts and packs each order, and prepares them for shipping the very next day. But that’s not all – the store also offers a variety of other cooking supplies, including grains, seafood, and meats.  So be sure to check this out too.

Product Categories

  1. Baguio Vegetables
  2. Low land vegetables.
  3. Imported rice & grains
  4. Cooking Ingredients
  5. Imported Fruits
  6. Local Fruits
  7. Other Cooking Essentials

The Freshdeals Guarantee

Each order of our fresh produce is carefully packed and shipped to each customer.  But in the event that there is a problem with the goods shipped, Freshdeals Supermarket will replace the product free of charge. 

Supporting Local Farmers

At Freshdeals Supermarket, we believe in supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture practices. That’s why we source our produce from local farmers across the country, bridging the gap from farm producers to end users. By supporting local farmers with revenue, we help make their farming practices more sustainable for future generations.


In conclusion, Freshdeals Supermarket, is backed by years of experience in providing fresh produce to households and institutions.  It is trusted by small, medium and even big businesses in the country, even in the midst of the pandemic, Freshdeals PH was resilient in serving customers including small households.  Order today and get better service and better value for your money.  


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