F A Q s

This FAQ aims to answer all questions that you might have.

How to place an order

Freshdeals PH is an online ordering ecommerce platform especially designed for fresh fruits, vegetables and other food items.

For new customers, here is a short step by step guide.

  1. Locate and click on the Create New Account link in upper right corner of the website
  2. On the Register window, input your email and assign a new password for your account and click register.
  3. Once you are logged in, go back to the homepage (https://freshdeals.ph) and start shopping.
  4. You may check your CART for your chosen items and you can then proceed to CHECKOUT once you are done.
  5. At CHECKOUT, key in your BILLING & SHIPPING details, you can also input COUPON CODES if you have any from here.
  6. Important: You must CLICK and AGREE on the Freshdeals PH TERMS OF SERVICE.
  7. Choose CASH ON DELIVERY or PAYPAL for mode of payment.
  8. And you are done! You can check your email for order confirmation.

For returning customers

Simply Log In to your account with your correct email and password to start shopping.  Proceed to Cart or go directly to CHECKOUT once you finish shopping.  Review your order and billing details and you are done.

Can I have a price list?

All the prices and availability of products of Freshdeals PH can be found on the website. We do not provide any other pricelist other than the prices listed in the website.

How to pay for my order?

Mode of payment is CASH ON DELIVERY only. Credit cards are not accepted for the time being.

When will my orders arrive?

Orders placed before our daily cut off schedule (5PM) will be processed and delivered on the day after tomorrow. For example, for an order placed on a Monday at 3pm, please expect delivery to be executed on Wednesday 8am to 4pm.

What if there are bad or unsatisfactory goods or missing items in my order?

Although it is quite rare, for reasons with the courier, or product handler errors, or even sometimes “nainitan sa daan”, these things happen. For unsatisfactory or bad goods, kindly take a picture and send it to us thru our Facebook page (Private Message Only – we will only accommodate returns and complains thru PM ) , we will assess the items for verification. Fresdeals PH will then issue Store Credits to compensate for the concerned goods.

What are Store Credits and How Does it differ from Coupon Codes?

Store credits, acts in the same way as a credit memo. It can be used ONCE to deduct any amount from your total bill, it does not have a minimum purchase requirement to work and it is transferable to other users.

Coupon Codes are codes distributed and offered by our marketing team. Coupon codes can also be used to deduct your total bill amount or sometimes offer free shipping. But these codes have limited promo periods, it also requires a minimum amount of purchase, and is sometimes used to claim product freebies.

After placing your order at CHECKOUT , and you forgot to add some items, can you still edit and add more items in your order?

No. All orders placed in CHECKOUT is final and not editable. But if you really need to add that item, you can go to MyAccount=>Orders=> Look for the order number recently created, click CANCEL REQUEST and start over your order. Also, to make sure your order is canceled, indicate on “Additional Note” that you are canceling ORDER#0000.

After delivery, do you offer refunds in case, I changed my mind?

Change of mind is not a valid reason for a refund. Refunds thru store credits will be given only on valid reasons such as SPOILED GOODS, MISSING GOODS, DAMAGED GOODS or BADLY MISHANDLED GOODS.