Freshdeals Merchants Academy

Introducing Freshdeals PH – Merchants

Freshdeals PH – Online Marketplace.  We believe in collective growth.  A system in which all members act as one to a common objective, success and financial growth. Freshdeals PH – Merchants helps members achieve this by allowing ALL individuals and businesses to create free merchant accounts within and sell products collectively with us and other merchants.  Sort of like an online mall or marketplace where customers can browse around and checkout items from single or multiple sellers within the site.


  • Your products will be viewed by thousands of customers easily.
  • You don’t have to worry about shipping and getting paid.  Pack your items, and we’ll do the rest.
  • Quick payouts, we will pay you thru bank transfers or GCASH.
  • No membership fees.  Joining is free, we only get a commission when we delivered successfully each transaction.
  • Free advertising.  Your brand will be visible and included in our paid marketing campaigns in Facebook and Instagram.

How does it work?

Here is a short summary of a single workflow.

Merchants display all items he or she wishes to sell within the site, when a customer successfully places an order, the customer has an option to checkout with either COD or Credit Card.  When the order is placed, the Merchant (you) will be notified by our staff thru a phone call and again notified by using our Merchant APP.

Our staff will then ask you when your items will be ready for pickup (at your declared pickup site and time), will assign a rider to pick up your items and deliver to the customer.

Payment from our customer whether cash or credit card will be remitted to our company account for bank processing and customer evaluation (our customer will call or address customer related quality issues).  If the customer is happy and has no complaints, the order will be marked as “completed” in our system and payment to the merchant (you)  will be remitted thru GCASH or BANK Transfers after a maximum of 7 working days.

Fees and Commission

Freshdeals PH does not charge any signup fees or any processing fees.  We will only take a commission of more or less 20% from your gross sales (an amount just like a senior citizen discount)  for each successful transaction we make.  


  1.  Visit Freshdeals.PH and click on the link on the upper left corner of the webpage ” Sell on Freshdeals “. Or Click this link Create A Seller Account
  2. Create your vendor account.  Make sure you indicate an address where your items will be available for pickup and a mobile number where we can call you.
  3. Upload your products and start selling.

Our staff will call or notify you if there is more information needed from you to start selling.