Freshdeals Merchants – How Does It Work

Freshdeals PH Merchants is a multi vendor platform which allows merchants like you, to upload and sell products directly to Freshdeals PH customers! 

How Does It Work?

Beat the new normal and be able to sell your goods online, effortlessly.

  1. Sellers or Merchant creates a free merchant account on Freshdeals Ph and uploads his or her products.
  2. Customers see the products online and adds you item to his cart and successfully checks out.
  3. Freshdeals PH staff will notify the merchant either thru email or mobile number and app regarding the placed order.
  4. Seller tells our staff when items will be ready for pickup (within 1 or 2 days is acceptable).
  5. Freshdeals PH staff will send our partner riders at the specified time of the merchant to pickup and deliver items to the customer.
  6. Customers will pay either COD, CREDIT CARD or GCASH, which will be remitted to Freshdeals PH.
  7. Freshdeals PH staff will review if order has been made successfully and verify if customer is happy with his or her order.
  8. Once payment has been credited to us and there will be no disputes with the customer, payment to the Merchant will be posted either thru GCASH, Bank Transfer or Paypal  in a maximum of 7 working days (but usually earlier.)
Follow this link if you are ready to Create A Seller Account Now