Seller Quick FAQ

What Merchandise Can We Sell at Freshdeals

For starters, you can sell food items, such as raw, cooked, marinated, frozen, take outs and what nots. But you can also sell other non food items in our general merchandise section.

How to create an account?

Find the link below called “Create Seller Account Now”.

Is there any fees involved in creating my merchant account?

Becoming a Freshdeals Merchant is FREE. We only charge a commission after a successfully completed sale.

How much is the commission?

For food items, our standard rate ranges from 20% more or less. If your items becomes fast moving, we can adjust percentages based on performance. For none food items, you can email us and we’ll help you find a suitable rate for your items!

How long does it take to start selling?

Creating an account and uploading products is quite easy. You can start selling in minutes!

How will I be notified if there is an order for my product?
You will be notified thru text messages, mobile APPS, phone calls and email once an order has been placed by a customer.

How will my products reach the customer?
Once an order is placed, our crew will schedule a suitable pickup and delivery schedule with you.

Items are delivered, when and how do I get paid?
Once the items is delivered and customer is happy about the product, your payment will processed immediately after payments has been cleared by the banks or credit card company. It usually takes 2-3 days and a maximum of 7 working days.

How do we settle customer disputes? Product quality issues and other delivery concerns?
Sometimes, however hard we try, some customers might not be happy about the product or service he or she got. We will offer refunds to customers who wants their money back and promotional coupons or discounts if that will suffice. We will help you merchants as much as we can.

Are you ready to hop on board?

Follow this link to get you started! Create Seller Account Now