Banana O’ Apple


Stack up on healthy fruits with this ice cold, sweet and tangy smoothie rich concoction. There is only one word that can describe this set…. Refreshing!

Peel off the bananas, apples and orange, put everything in a blender, add some crushed ice and blend till smooth. For a richer smoothie, you may add frozen yogurt or milk!

Serves 2 tall glasses!

Each Banana O’ Apple pack includes:

2 pcs Bananas
2 pcs Apples
1 pcs Orange


Create a dreamy smoothie experience with bananas, oranges and a couple of apples. Just peel them fruits, throw in a blender, add some crushed ice and whooosh. Oh by the way, don’t forget to add some yogurt or milk for a creamier experience. Sip from a straw. Enjoy.

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