Immune Booster Basic Set


Buy this is easy to prepare immune system booster fruit and veggies (2 pcs oranges, 1 pc carrot, 1 pc cucumber )for only ₱150/pack!


This set is for juicing beginners. Very easy to prepare and easy to drink. (not bitter at all!) Tastes like orange juice with a scent of cucumber!

Oranges are a common source of immune enhancing and wound healing Vitamin C,
Carrots are a great source of Vitamin A (promotes good eyesight), Biotin (fat and protein metabolism), Vitamin K1 (blood & bone health), Potassium (helps blood pressure) and Vitamin B6 which aids in conversion of food to energy.
Cucumber is a known power fruit that may help in weight loss, and could also lower blood sugar levels. It helps in body hydration, loaded with anti-oxidants (reduces body toxins) and rich in fiber (promotes good digestion).

The Immune Booster Basic Set includes the following:

2 pcs oranges,
1 pc carrot,
1 pc cucumber